A rpg style game where you play as a rouge that mysteriously wakes up in a dungeon and must venture through all the dungeons the dungeon master has created. The dungeon master  has been watching this child ever since 10 years ago, when he was born. Ever since his parents found out the dungeon master was trying to kill him, they ran far away, where they trained him up to this point. But soon after the the dungeon master found him once more, his parents were killed  and the rouge managed to run away. Soon after he blacked out from exhaustion and woke up in the mysterious dungeon.  Now the dungeon master is trying everything in his power to kill the rouge by setting up random dungeon to try to the kill the rouge for good. Are you ready to  play as the rouge and venture through these dungeons and eventually find, defeat , and get rid of the dungeon master for good?


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I don't know if you're still working on this game but it's cool to see another zelda-like game! Couple suggestions:

  • Attacks and movement should be 4 way
  • Sword attack is much too small range to hit things, consider making a slashing animation and using an invisible animation
  • Bones and Projectiles should react to walls or other colliders
  • Spawn should be a safe space so you can read the tutorial without getting attacks
  • Your art should all match with 16 bit, 8 bit, or 32 bit amount
  • Music loops way too quickly and becomes a nuisance fast

Impressed with what you have so far! Looking forward to more

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Update Out: New bat mini boss, bigger dungeon, player can face left and right, pause menu, better starting screen, new bat mob, and harder slimes! 

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New update Very Soon: Adding dungeon part to explain game, adding playing facing left and right, changing starting screen, pause menu, and a NEW BAT MINI BOSS!

Art makers: